feature request / anonyance?

When I add a method in the IDE, after I’ve entered the method name, I press tab to add the parameters, however it takes me to the implementation of the method rather than the Parameters Text entry.

This is a known “bug/annoyance” that has persisted since XOJO was first released… There are other instances where the cursor ends up someplace other than intended. There should be numerous feedback cases related to this… and hopefully this is the focus of a majority of changes slated for XOJO 2014r1

my apologies for not having search the feedback system first.

This is my #1 annoyance with the new IDE. Hopefully, this gets fixed very soon.

Yes, and compounding it is that in some cases, there is what appears to be an insertion point in the control that’s supposed to have focus, but the focus is actually somewhere else.

Another focus-related issue that drives me wild is that when one navigates to a method by means of the contextual menu from a place in code that calls that method, the focus ends up in the method name field, not the code editor. I can’t count how many times I’ve done this, and then scrolled the mouse wheel, assuming that it would scroll the method’s code, only to find that I’ve just changed the method name to “Constructor,” “Destructor,” or something else in the combobox. (Thank goodness for undo!)