Feature Function Name ?

I implemented a set of features to some windows of a project and I am searching if a name for that exists.

My set of features do, at window close, save:
a. The Window x, y, w, h,
b. The Listbox ColumnWidths String,
c. The Listbox Sorted Column (or nothing: an empty line is stored)
d. The Listbox Selected Row # (only one can be selected) or * if none.

at window open, I do read the file and set these properties back.

After some intensive work, and some help from this forum, I was able to make it work.

Now I am asking myself, and now you, if this kind of feature have a name.

Ideas ? Yes (Name) / No (I never heard about that)

PS: this is not auto save, since the data I/O is powered by SQLite, and in that case, the Listbox Control is really used as a displayer (no edit is/can be done from the Listbox).

Application settings?
Registry settings?
Application Configuration File?

Take your pick.