Feature Comparison missing from Xojo.com

There used to be chart on the Xojo store listing the available features of the different versions of Xojo licenses. Things like saving in text format, database access, compilation targets, concurrent installs, etc.

I found it very helpful when upgrading RS to Xojo, and still refer to it from time to time when modifying my subscription. I also referred potential customers to that page.

I can’t find that page since the web redesign. I thinks that’s an oversight. I know marketing people might cringe, but sometimes (and with apologies to Dragnet) we want “Just the facts, ma’am.”

Any chance of that page returning?

Unfortunately that chart didn’t work well on mobile or with our new theme. However, I’ll see if I can find another way to preserve this information for people that still want to use it.

Add a link to a pdf (with a strong and meaningful name) where this information is printed ?