Fear of finishing a Project

It’s taken me approx. 3yrs part time (hobby programmer) to create the solution I always wanted to create (using Xojo). This is a good thing and I feel good about that.

Now I’m stuck on creating an elaborate “help” system which will probably never ever be seen or used, except perhaps by some future extraterrestrial civilization, where they land on the earth using some sort of weird flying saucer device and happen to come across, and dig up relics of the past, and the only thing they could find was my software solution. Their conclusion would be "what the freeking heck - what were they thinking??

Regardless, the “help system” I’m creating (like a rod for my own back) has to be done. But maybe I’m stringing this out because I FEAR when all is done - finished - what next?

To me a forthcoming project (what ever it is) is always the driving force to finish the current one.

Hard to explain and nothing to do with coding per se.

I always live by the words of the creator of Star Wars George Lucas “A project is never finished…only abandoned”

Thanks Brian, that’s nice and funny and appreciated and needed - I love that. I do tend to take things way too seriously.

Do you have some testers already? If not, find some. They will find the “usual embarrassing bugs” quite easily. And then there will be feature requests. So don’t worry about finishing.

“Real developers ship.” - I forgot where I read that.

Thanks Beatrix, Yes I do have testers, and they can find all the bugs that they want.

Yep, sure I can fix those, but then what? If there are no bugs, well what next?

New features

That depends upon whether there are users.
If you have users, you will have plenty to do.

New features? I just want things back to normal.

Normal? In a software developers life?
No such thing sir :smiley:

I have an app I have been working on for months… it finally “does things”… but I have reworked the UI about 100x, and each time it was “yeah, I like that”… then after a few rounds of testing… “nah, this will look or work better instead” … sigh

Steve- think about it this way. By completing this long-term project and getting that “clutter” out of your mind, it is going to be opened up to new creative thoughts. You’ll come up with your next project, or how to market this one better, or perhaps additional features to provide more benefit. “Fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real”. Finish it. Ship it. You’ll be amazed at what doors open to you thereafter.

[quote=397299:@Jeff Tullin]That depends upon whether there are users.
If you have users, you will have plenty to do.[/quote]

Haaa Haaaa… a classic. Thanks Jeff and Franko. A thing can be said and resolved. The thing is that I’m spending time worrying about bullsh*t. Yeah, sure “perfection” but what does that mean?.

I’m Australian, with Greek and German Ancestry. Sometimes I have the conversation between, democracy, efficiency… a good mix I say :slight_smile:

Apart from any programming and things that I may create, my main thing is to visit Europe and visit the “Father Land”. Greece? Germany? who knows… but it is there in Europe - we/I/are so far away.

I do like “Fear is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real”.

A negative reality inversion?

Reality is just the perception of the majority

I worked very hard for a project at my work to help technitians keep track of items that need to be maintenanced at certain dates and to help keep track of items issued and returned…worked on it for months and thought …“ah this sucks” …released it to the technicians and yes there was some backlash as “why doesn’t it blah blah” but I had more than one tech come up to me and thank me so it made the experience worth it. Im still adding to this project so it is still alive and you have to remember most always you will hear about the negatives and not from the positives but remember there are always the silent positives out there :smiley:

That’s a hard one Brian. I don’t know what the answer is. I guess it depends on the value you put on a sense of accomplishment.

I would, and have regarded that as a Male trait… - So I’m interested in Susan’s response or other females that are a part of this forum… Are males somehow more suited to coding?

I would duck and run if I were you :slight_smile:

Gender does not matter. It is the desire to learn and create

No… maybe perhaps?

I’ll put it out there. There are not many females that do coding compered to males.

I think on this forum we have three?. The girls are as good as the boys for sure.

I have a 15yo daughter - I’m trying to get her into coding, at this point she is more into her friends. I also have a 12yo boy and he has no interest in coding at this point. I do try to show them both the benefits of learning coding.

So I guess at this age male/female, they have no interest. Hopefully that will change later in life. I’ll make sure of it :slight_smile:

I did not become interested in computers until I was almost 18… but then again when I was just 17, there was no such thing as a “personal computer”, so there was nothing to become interested in… yet :slight_smile: