Favourite snack/comfort food?

Whats your favourite snack/comfort food, maybe we can find a new favourite?

Salt & Vinegar Pringles - I literally have to move them to a different part of the house to stop myself eating them all in one sitting

BBQ Lays potato chips :slight_smile:

For sweets, it’s probably Ferrero Rocher or 5th Avenue. For chips (crisps), I’m a big fan of Cool Ranch Doritos.

My biggest comfort food meal would be homemade french dip sandwiches with mashed potatoes or country-style potato soup.

I dig Lunchables.

Especially if they come with a mini Butterfinger and a Capri Sun!

Can’t beat making your own cold pizza :stuck_out_tongue:

Boiled peanuts. It’s a southern thing.

Crunchy almond butter. Extremely low glycemic index, satisfies the sweet tooth with very little sugar, and satisfies the appetite. Amazing flavor combo with a good pretzel, too.

Chocolate, the darker the better. I’m not a fan of salt so I rarely have chips (crisps) and despite Lay’s claim I CAN eat just one. :slight_smile:

Peanut M&Ms. The peanuts make them healthy.

I can watch a movie and devour a pound bag of those yummy snacks, but like you said it’s healthy :wink:

Oh I CAN eat just one, I just decide not to :stuck_out_tongue:

Not for me with my nut allergy. :stuck_out_tongue:

soft pretzels :slight_smile:

Monkey nuts

maybe because a lot of flavor-enhancing contents :stuck_out_tongue:

i like peanuts, chips and a baking plate pizza.
and bats with jelly+licorice.
less sweets because teeth.

@Markus Rauch: you eat bats = Fledermuse?

Lakritz Fledermäuse von Haribo :wink:

Those are better than real bats.

Was hast Du denn hier gelesen? Likör?