Favored "Commerce" Engine for Windows Desktop App

It’s been a very long time since I’ve asked this question. I am about to deploy a new app for a specific industry. It is currently a Windows App and I want to enable a monthly subscription model where the App can “phone home” to validate the subscription.

At the moment, I am starting from a clean slate (aside from having developed the app).

Any recommendations on a commerce platform to help me accomplish the above?

I don’t know of any complete drop in solution. Fastspring offers subscription handling, but not the app side DRM of it. Paddle offers app side DRM, but not one for Xojo. Paddle also require personal, non-business related information to keep your account - I switched to FastSpring over this (I don’t support racism).

Personally, I’d recommend Fastspring for a processor. They’re happy to help, and put up with my sometimes blunt emails. They even half implemented the Javacript I needed to transition easily.

As far as the app side, I have been working on an end to end Xojo licensing product. The web server / activation side is a Xojo web app, and it will be set up for online activation (and already has code for re-checking). If you’re interested in helping me test this solution, I would definitely appreciate input from someone using it for subscriptions. It’s not currently ready for production and deployment, so if you have an immediate need this is not an option for you.

Thanks Tim - I will let you know if/when I may want to test what you have. Leaving the question open for now in case anyone else has identified other solutions.