Fatal Error

Hi guys

I was building the application for the App Store(i have a iMac) and i get this error:

This application has encountered a fatal problem and must be shut down.

Please tell us more about this problem. An error report has been prepared which will help us improve the product. Would you like to launch Feedback and report the problem now?

How i can back open the file to see what happen

I have lost my entire project?

I hope there is a solution for this

Thank to all

Well the first question is did you report the error in Feedback so that Xojo has a bug report? As long as you have saved the project you shouldn’t have lost everything. If you reopen the project Xojo should prompt you to recover your old project and most if not all of your recent changes should be in the file it presents you. If you select don’t recover then you may have lost all of your recent changes since the last time you saved.

And you have backups, right? Time Machine and/or Version Control?

Hi Jason, Hi Greg

Yes i sent the report error in Feedback to Xojo and of course i always backup my projects.

The question is this: i have to pc :

  1. iMac
  2. Mac Book Pro

In both i have Xojo last version installed.

The error happened in the iMac , but in the Mac Book Pro the file open without problems.
After save the file in the Mac Book and try to open it in iMac i get always the same error message

How is that possible?

I even reinstalled Xojo in the iMac and still get the error. Funny thing is that i can open other project without a problem

Any suggestion?

By reinstalled do you mean you actually went through and trashed all of the caches and preference files?
If one computer can open the project and the other can’t my guess is a cache or temporary storage needs to be trashed.