Fatal error when loading iOS-project

When editing my project, suddenly I got a fatal error and Xojo shut down. Xojo asked me to save the changes before shutting down and I did. This was not very clever because now the project can’t be loaded again.

My TimeMachine was turned off and my latest backup is from 3 weeks ago.

Is there a solution to repair my project?

I know for desktop projects you could use Arbed from @Thomas_Tempelmann but I’m not sure if that supports iOS projects. You could also submit a feedback help ticket and see if Xojo can help you resolve the corruption.

Thank you Jason, I check Arbed first.
I did mega work to adapt the new Xojo version. So stupid I didn’t backup.
But Xojo shouldn’t ask to save by a crash.

If the project was saved in binary format, Arbed can at least open it in raw mode, I think. To do that, hold down some modifier keys when you drag the project file onto Arbed’s window. I think you need to hold the option / alt key, but try other combinations if that doesn’t work.

Hi Thomas,

I just bought a basic license. But I can’t spend time on it now. I check it out tomorrow. If you have other suggestions…

I reproduced the problem. If you change the super of an iOSSegmented Control into segmentedControl you will get this Fatal Error and the question to save the project before aborting.

I loaded the project in Arbed. This goes well. If I save the project and open it with Xojo the same Fatal Error occurs. So I thought when I delete the segmentedControl from the project in Arbed it should work.
Thomas can you tell how to do this. My efforts are without result until now.

Thanks for an answer.

Please file a bug report about this so we can fix it.

I did file a bug report now.
A solution for my project is very welcome.

I’ll contact you privately about this

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