Fatal error after hard drive crash

Had a hard disk crash on Sunday and I’m now trying to recover as much as can from Time Machine. Xojo was one of the program who did not survive. The folder was there but the program did not work. Tried reinstalling but it just generates a fatal error message, and sending something to Feedback which also generates a fatal error. Full Catch 22 in other words. What now ? I have no idea.

From a fresh download ?

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Yes. No luck.

Did you wipe the hard disk?

You have to low format the hard disk.

This is not the one that takes some seconds, this one takes hours (depends on the hard disk size.

IF THE HARD DISK IS A HDD. Do not do that with a SSD.

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I moved it into another Mac having a Fusion Drive (both where Fusion Drives). The failing machine is a late 2012 so it is old, and will be retired as soon as there are some Apple Silicon iMacs available.

Boot on no error mode ? (shift key down at boot time)

Add a new, temporary user and try there ?

Tried it and no, it doesn’t work. sigh!

I have Xojo installed on an attached hard drive, and for me it does run fine. Might want to try that with a very fast portable drive, maybe?

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Are all other applications working fine ?

Yes, everything is working fine, except Xojo, including programs created by Xojo. Complete enigma to me. It runs to here where it examines the plugins (according to the dialogue anyway) and then shows the fatal error crash dialogue.

Does Xojo work without plugins?

Cleaned out the cache, precompiled plugins, and installed plugins, then downloaded and installed a fresh set of plugins?

Note that Xojo comes with some plugins of its own.

Doesn’t matter if there are any plug-ins installed. Still crashes.

Have you tried to disconnect from the Internet? What fatal error do you get?

Yes, tried that too. The dialogue that comes up does not help at all, and the Feedback app crashes too.

Other already compiled programs work fine though

Go to

~/Library/Application Support

And delete the Xojo folder.

Nope. Still crashes. Sigh!

Next idea: use Find any File from Thomas Tempelmann to nuke everything related to Xojo.

When it crashes, click Report Now and then in that folder, there should be a folder called Feedback which contains another folder called Pending Reports. If so, could you privately send me the most recent file in there?

~/Library/Application Support/Xojo/Feedback/Pending Reports