Fastest XOJO compatible PI

I’ve seen so many PI derivatives that i’m lost. Which is the fastest PI compatible SBC thats the same size as a PI so it fits a PI-TOP. I’m currently looking at the Banana as it has 2GB RAM, However I don’t know if it will work, or if there is a faster better one out there.

Faster, maybe not fastest.
Asus ThinkerBoard

The Thinkerboard has power instability issues under load. If your looking at machines then I would read the forums on

I would avoid Banana Pi at all cost, since everything they do is incomplete, not documented and not compatible with anything. (Read more on that on the Armbian forums). I had all the line from Banana Pi, its all decommissioned trash, except the oldest type was ok.

If you want stable proven 2GB machine then Orange Pi Plus 2e was sort of a “Dream machine when it came out”. Since then there are many faster options but less tested. (And I have not verified Xojo code on them, like Le Potato, Expressobin, Rock64 (does it actually run 64 bit OS ? have not checked, that would rule out Xojo)).

I use Orange PI Plus 2E (with Fan) as build-server for ARM. It runs 24/7 for months without issues. But am looking into going for one of the 3 mentioned above to get more speed. Once there is proper mainline support for them.

Well i think that depends on varius factors.

If you need something fast with good software support you can not go wrong with the raspberry pi 3
(you have the downside of only 100MB Ethernet and USB2.0 (and no SATA Port for Example)

Yes as Björn said the older BananaPis are the better ones (in case of software support) but i think it is not as bad ad tkaiser from armbian makes it out to be - nor is it as good as sinovoip says it should be) - I myself have here Running 2 BananaPi Pro(s) (from LeMaker) now running for nearly 3 Years without Major Downtimes (Only Reboots for kernel Updates, both with HDDs via SATA). I also have 2 BananaPis M2U from SinoVoip now running for 3 1/2 Month with the latest Images without Problems - there is a new one out (with the last 3.10 Kernel out (which Upgrade i still have to do.)

I also use a CubieTruck (also known as Cubieboard 3) with CentOS 7 as OS. which is now running for 6 Month without Major Downtimes (except reboots for kernel Updates) without Problem with 2 HDD via the SATA RAID Addon-Board.

And yes the SATA Ports on all of this devices are now as fast as the sata Ports on a normal PC but in My Internal “Test-Cases” they are always faster than the HDDs via USB (most SBC only have USB 2.0).

Another Info i myself don’t realy like Armbian! Because of the always Up2Date Mainline Kernels - i really like LTS Kernel(s) - i don’t need the latest “Features”.
It’s sad that is EOL (Updates till April 2018) - it had an LTS Kernel 4.4. - which is why im looking into CentOS ARM which is also an LTS Kernel…

Due to the discussion here then I went to check if I could run Xojo application on Rock64, and it actually does run.

(Running the stock Linux they offer with it, but its in a mess state, waiting for proper Armbian for it for further testing)

Guessing the distro from their web either is 32 bit or has 32 bit libraries to make this possible.

cat /proc/meminfo
MemTotal: 4019968 kB
MemFree: 3442672 kB

It does show all 4GB of ram there though.

A great discussion everyone.

Is there a PI that is fast enough to run the 64-bit Xojo IDE?

[quote=362896:@Eugene Dakin]A great discussion everyone.

Is there a PI that is fast enough to run the 64-bit Xojo IDE?[/quote]

There is no Xojo IDE for ARM CPU’s ! so not really testable.

You can only run the compiled code/app, not the actual IDE.

(yes, what Bjorn said :slight_smile: )

Ok, thanks for the responses. I have seen some claims by Microsoft’s IoT (Internet of Things) Windows IoT operating system and was curious if anyone tried it. Staying on the theme of this conversation, the Pi hardware would need to be fast enough.

Another option would be a Linux distribution to be installed.

This is good. Thanks, and I’ll let the conversation continue. :slight_smile:

Hi Eugene, It’s not the operating system. The Pi uses an ARM CPU, not an x86 or x86_64. There’s no version of the Xojo IDE built for the ARM CPU.

On top of that the Raspbian OS is 32bit only. The Raspberry Pi 3 CPU is 64bit, but the OS is 32bit.

The nice thing about the ROCK64 is that it has a USB3 connector. Yet, for the application I want to use it for I, actually need 2 of those USB3 connectors.

[quote=362896:@Eugene Dakin]A great discussion everyone.

Is there a PI that is fast enough to run the 64-bit Xojo IDE?[/quote]

Raspberry Pi itself can’t run the Xojo IDE cause it’s ARM but this board is x86-64 and should run the Xojo IDE (64-bit).
Intel Based UP-Board
Just search for “Intel based board” or “Intel based SBC” (Single board computer)