Farewell to old computers

After too many years of putting it off, I finally started cleaning up my massively overstuffed office today, and the hardest part is sending FOUR old computers off for recycling. All were terrific in their day, but I don’t see any practical use for them now.

The soon-to-be-departed:

PowerBook Duo 210
PowerBook G3 (OS 9.2)
MacBook Pro 2007 (OS X 10.6)
Dell XPS 210 (Win Vista)

My favorite of all was the Powerbok Duo, I replaced the trackball with a pretty green one, and used it up until about 6 years ago (in our kitchen) running a little app that just reminded me to put the trash out once a week.

I am consoled to some degree by still having 5 other laptops in addition to my current MBP, which will be superseded by the soon-to-arrive 2016 model. Maybe another cleanup-and-throw-out next year?

It’s a little scary how quickly these things accumulate!

Since 1984, I have used and given away many Macs and PCs, or dumped those that died (mostly PCs).

But I really cannot find the heart to part with my PowerBook G3. It is under my bed. I usually boot it once or twice a year. Well, some people collect action figures. I guess it is a small indulgence, after all…

Im keeping a G3 iMac in blue in a wardrobe. 6Gb drive?
Its too beautiful to throw away. :frowning:

The one that broke my heart was tossing my Mac Plus, but I screwed up my courage and away it went…:frowning:

A few years back, after a big loss, I found that parting with a lot of things helped me cope. Then went my very first Mac. Well, I gave it to my niece’s husband. So it has sort of stayed in the family …

I recycled some older PC’s into firewalls using (now defunct) M0n0wall, and more recently PFSense. OPNSense seems to be coming along nicely also. I believe that PFSense runs on a Mac Mini. - it is a FreeBSD distro. All are still running nicely in different locations, except for those I installed in my home. I keep upgrading them as I replace hardware…

This is an easy way to give a second life to an otherwise outdated piece of hardware. I haven’t found any good value-added usage for very old laptops.

PC boxes are without soul… but Apples and Amigas or those Homecomputers from the 80ies… just thought to buy a C64 recently and then I’ve found this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/332015582559


I failed to update this one to PPC (2300 ?). I still have it (and so many other that are more than 13 years old. I still have an Apple //c, two versions of Apple IIgs / 1 Prototype, etc.

I even have a transparent Macintosh LC…, Apple II Cards, Ethernet Cards, 3.5 1.44MB SuperDrive, etc. Whorecalls the Video Card for Apple IIgs) ?

Should have sold that one on ebay or something
I’d bet there’s a buyer collector
Sold my newton and I actually made money on it since its now “collectible” (I did buy it used in 1998 or 9)

I have a box full of commodore amigas here. I just havent got it in my heart to let them go though.

You will laugh.

I had a prototype for a week-end (while I was working at Apple France) Friday afternoon / Monday mid-day.

Back home, I took it and use it a bit while the TV movie was running. I put it beside my bed, slept and completely forgot about it 'till on Monday morning when I get a phone call from the person who had to make a demo to a client. The I realized that I totally forgot about it (and had to go back home to get it…).

When the MessagePad 2100 (I think it was its name) went on sale, I was thinking it may be time to buy one, a French one. But it was too late, there never been one: it was discontinued.

I hear there is an Amiga santuary in Borneo, where they can live out the rest of their days in safety.
So far, the breeding program has had limited success , however. :slight_smile:

I still have an old Cinema Display and a 2009 MacPro sitting in my office waiting to be sold. That MacPro was the best Mac I ever had.

I still have my SE30 and my Powerbook 100. Can’t bring myself to part with them. In fact, now that I think about it, I still have every Mac I’ve ever owned, except for my original 1984 Mac 128k which I sold to a buddy when I upgraded to my SE30.

Also have my Motorola StarMax Mac clone which I still use with some legacy peripherals.

I got a nasty habit of kind of collecting “old” macs too.
1 iBook Tangerine
1 iBook G4 (White)
1 MacBook Aluminum(unknown year)
1 iMac G3 Snow
1 iMac 17" G5 (First iMac flat screen)
1 iMac G4 (Globe)
1 PowerMac G3 (Blue & White)
1 PowerMac G4 (FW 800)
1 MacMini (2005)
1 Macintosh SE + External HDD(40MB(!))
1 iPhone (2007)
And one unopened box with MacOS 8.5 :stuck_out_tongue:

They all still work :slight_smile:
Don’t think I could ever get rid of any of them!

[quote=297809:@Tomas Jakobs]PC boxes are without soul… but Apples and Amigas or those Homecomputers from the 80ies… just thought to buy a C64 recently and then I’ve found this: http://www.ebay.de/itm/332015582559


Totally agree. The early home computers were the best. I had an Amiga in the late 80s/early 90s and loved it. Way ahead of its time. Really wish I had kept it. However, I do have a soft spot for Ataris as the 65XE was my first home computer. I currently have an 800XL, 1200XL, that 65XE, and a 130XE. I’ve also bought a couple of Atari ST computers off eBay and currently have a Mega ST2 with a couple of 20meg hard drives.

I have some hardware and software that lets me connect the Macbook to my 130XE. Makes it think the Macbook is a big disk drive so I have all my old Atari games loaded on it and don’t have to mess with the old disks and drives. Bad part is the software only runs on Windows XP so I have to use Parallels.

I still use a 2009 Mac Pro that I’ve flashed to the 2010 firmware and upgraded to a 6-core 3.2Ghz CPU, SSDs and a GeForce GTX 750ti with a HiDPI display. It is the best Mac I’ve ever had and I hope it lasts forever!

We still maintain 2 Quad Core G5 Power Macs running 10.6.8 and 10.8.5. Also, a number of Mac Pro 2,1s and 3,1s have permanent homes in our lab. The engineers and support team “have” Mac Pro canisters, but they all still mainly work on their Mac Pro 4,1 towers.

I still have an original Amiga 1000 signed by Dennis and the team (not the molded sigs in the top cover) from when I worked for Commodore back in 1985.

My favorite collectible is a Sony Vaio VE505N. Tiniest useful laptop that I’ve ever seen - fits in the file folder pocket in a standard briefcase. A 10.4" screen that supported 1280x1024 and was quite legible, ran Linux or Windows, and used an external battery stick that was attached at the hinge. The spare batteries units showed up as dynamite on airport X-ray machines of the day …

I bought a 2010 Mac pro at a bankruptcy auction a 4 or 5 years ago. Got it dirt cheap. Loved it but it was huge and my wife hated it because she said it sucked electricity. Our electric bill did go up.

I ended up selling it on eBay for a very nice profit and put that towards a new Mac Pro. Total overkill for what I need but it looks so cool sitting on my desk. :slight_smile:

Kinda doubt that. 10.5 was the last OS to run on a G5.