Faking toolbar flexible space on windows?

Hi all,

I have been searching on how to do this to push some buttons to the right of the toolbar. I read on the forums that someone had an example, posted (Dave S I think?) but I couldn’t locate it (probably using bad search terms). I know there are a few third part solutions, unfortunately, right now I can’t afford to get another plugin so I’m looking for something I can implement until I can afford a better solution.

I wrote a custom Toolbar class that properly implements all the features regardless of platform…
I don’t recall off hand… but there was one thing OSX didn’t do, and another thing Windows didn’t do… and my class did both things for both OS… I’ll see if I can find the topic when I’m not quite so busy

Do you want ask buttons on the right?

That was all not ask :slight_smile:

ROFL, no (although, I guess the help button could be an ask button hehe), what I wanted was my main buttons on left, a space, a help button, then an exit button on the far right.

I figure worst case scenario, I can create a container and throw a few canvas objects in there to act as my toolbar, was just hoping to use a toolbar as it would be cleaner :slight_smile:

I went about making a psuedo-tooldbar to work around all the issues I was having with the native ones. It’s not very pretty (back end), but it works :slight_smile:

AT THIS TIME MY XPLAT TOOLBAR IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE… I may have time to fix this issue… but until then I have to remove it