Failure to start in debug

Can anyone help.

I’ve proficient in XOJO windows, but not Linux, however I want to run a program in Linux.

I have installed a new PC with 32 bit Mint, installed XOJO (latest version 2016r4.1) and copied one of my programs over.

While XOJO works if I create a simple window and test button, when I open the copied program, it compiles ok but on trying to run (in debugger), it shows a horizontal bar in the middle of the XOJO GUI which flashes from one side to another for about 10 seconds and stops. Nothing happens.
I placed a break in the APP OPEN event and it doesn’t even get there.

Without some form of XOJO feedback I have no idea where to look to find problems.

Do you use declares?
I had this already when I use faulty Declares.
Xojo uses gtk2

You can also start Xojo from the Terminal, then you can see messages there.

I have this too. Manually launch on the Linux debugger app and it’ll fire up in the IDE OK.