Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry

I’m working with a plugin developer and they’ve been sending me pre-release builds of their plugin.
The latest few pre-releases have had a series of error windows that pop up.

Common\\plugin.cpp: 957 Failure Condition: pluginEntryTable.GetEntry( entrypointName, out ) can't find plugin method {redacted}

I’m not much of a plugin expert, and I’ve done my best to help debug this issue, but the plugin author insists it’s my problem. The plugin author said that the methods it’s erring about they had considered adding, but removed from this build. They even went so far as to send me their PluginEntry() definition, and I can confirm from the definition I was sent the plugin methods are not defined.

Is there a way that the developer’s machine may be caching something somewhere causing the build to think these methods are defined?

I’ve cleared the Xojo caches over and over again.
I’ve tried on different target VMs and get the errors on different versions of the OS and clean installs.
I’ve run strings on the DLL and can not find the name of the methods that the runtime is claiming are defined but not found.

Anybody have any insight? Is it at all possible that it’s my fault?

Thing like that is usually issue with the plugin registration structures, like saying you got 5 methods in class but you only got 4. So maybe he removed the methods but not the count of methods he is sending in ?