&& fails to display & in radio button captions

as of 2022r1. It prints no characters as if you typed just &. So I went to the docs to see if something changed, and the new docs (Help > Documentation) don’t work at all: typing search strings in the search field has no effect. Great.

What are you entering specifically?

after trying ‘&&’ or ‘ampersand’ to investigate the radio btn issue, and getting no joy, simple stuff to see what’s up, like ‘integer’ or ‘folderitem’

Make sure you are connected to the internet and then got to the prefs, there is an option to download the documentation so you’ll have a local copy.

Thx Sam, i’m definitely connected with a high speed line at work, and after downloading the local docs, still same, all the links in the TOC work, but Search docs does nothing.

I am afraid you’ve reached the extent of my experience with the changed LR.

The only suggestion that I have at this point, is to file a feedback, and revert to a previous version for the time being.

Where is that?


All I know is it’s in the preferences, I was shown where, but have forgotten. Sorry.

Thanks, I found it… but is should be installed by default… one never knows when/if one will get disconnected temporarily from the net for many reasons.



Which version of macOS do you use? The TypeSense search with the bad search results doesn’t work on High Sierra. Feedback doesn’t load my reports so I can’t post a number. When TypeSense doesn’t work the absurdly slow search should kick in. Unfortunately, that search mainly spits out release notes.

It’s not like we didn’t report the problems during beta.

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High Sierra. You know there is this saying,“if it ain’t broke…”

So now I have no ampersands in my radio button captions and as an added bonus, no LR.

I’m looking into the issue regarding searching on High Sierra. I know it had been reported and I thought it was resolved but I could be wrong about that. I’ll get back to you.

OK, I have verified that we did indeed fix the High Sierra issue however, it does required that you have all the latest OS updates installed. Have you done that?

I’m running HS 10.13.6 and there are no additional updates as far as i can see

Using 10.13.6 the search still completely with 56814. Not even the slow search is working anymore.

I think I may know why. Xojo appears to be missing the “NSAllowsLocalNetworking” Info.plist key.


We will continue looking into this. If @Martin_T is correct, that would be a simple fix.

OK, we believe it’s fixed. You may need to right-click in the Documentation window to force it to reload. If that does not work, wait a few hours for the cache to time out.

Yup, bug is fixed.

confirmed, all good under HS, thx Geoff. Now for the original issue: no &'s in radio button captions. Is ‘&&’ still the mechanism for displaying ‘&’ in the GUI or did I miss something?