Fade effect with htmlviewer


I have two htmlviewers and I want to switch visibility with fade effect.
I need it to work with mac and windows. I have MBS plugins.
Is there any simple solution for that?



Daunting. If at all possible. And not simple at all AFAIK.

You can fade between any control pretty easy for macOS with some declares.
I’ve uploaded something that will help you. It uses the macOS animation APIs.

It extends controls with .fadein and .fadeout
You can use .fadein for the 1ste HTMLViewer and .fadeout for the 2nd at the same time so they fade in each other.

I use this all the time.


For Windows I have no idea how to do this. If anyone has something similar, would be nice to share. :slight_smile:

Forgotten to add. The MBS plugins also has a class for fading between two pagepanels (macOS only)