FacebookAPI for latest v2.4 API

I have updated the FacebookAPI Classes from Xojo Developer’s Spot to the latest Facebook version 2.4 API.

Need to interact with Facebook? These classes give you access to post, edit, delete, and alter, Accounts, Achievements, Books, Events, Family, Friend Lists, Events, Family, Friend Lists, Friends, Games, Groups, Home/Wall, Inbox, Likes, Links, Movies, Music, News Feed, Notifications, Outbox, Permissions/Security, Photo Albums, Photos Uploaded, Photo Tags, Pictures, Pokes, Profile Feed, Scores, Statuses, Subscribed To, Tagged, Television, Updates, Video Tags, and Video Uploads just to name a few.? You can even upload Photos to Facebook!

Get the encrypted Demos Here to Try-Before-You-Buy!

Download: http://www.xojodevspot.com/fbdemo/FacebookAPIDemo-v2.4-Encrypted.xojo_binary_project
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With a commercial license, you may use and re-use these classes in your own software. You may not redistribute or resell the un-compiled classes. You will receive updates to these classes should any bugs arise (or APIs ever change), and you receive support for integration, use, as well as help in custom tailoring of the classes, to fit your specific needs per request.

For Sale at:
(Current license holders of the previous API version, will receive the updated version via email by the automated mailing system at XDS)

As always, you can try before you buy, so you have nothing to lose. The encrypted version does not permit building of stand alone applications.

Don’t know how to setup a Facebook Application? No Problem! A full step-by-step help file is included to get your first Facebook Application up and running for testing with the demo, or creating your own Xojo-Facebook Application using the FacebookAPI classes. This demo, being encrypted, only allows access of the classes via desktop. The classes are compatible with Web Edition and iOS, but no demos including these platforms are included.

The source has been fully tested in both Windows and Mac OS X. Linux should work as well, but has only had limited testing as of current.

Screenshots of the demo in action:

  • Disabled items are items which existed in the previous API version, but are no longer accessible. Facebook has removed these items due to security related issues and because of abuse. You may enable them in the demo to see Facebook return “No longer Supported” and “Depreciated. No longer available” error messages. * Facebook use to permit loading of entire friend lists, but now only permits viewing friends that have also authorized the Facebook application. There is no way around their latest security policies. *

Matthew would I be able to invite my users to post to a specific Facebook group page from my app using your class? In other words, could I prompt my users with something such as “Did that work well for you? Why not tell other people on [Industry Fan Page]?” and, after they do their FB login, post to a particular page/group as them?

Well Done Matthew!

Is this for desktop or for web?


Matthew, is this compatible for XOJO 2016 R2?
How much is this now? Im planning to integrate on my web application.

Facebook is up to version 2.7 now

Thanks James, where to buy that? I want to learn how to use it and utilize it.

I bought mathews classes a year ago but never used it. Recently I’ve needed to work with the Facebook marketing API so I’ve worked directly with their API and created my own classes… It’s not exactly straight forward but it’s worth the effort.
Spend a few days and some test projects and you can get your head around it. The problem is they are changing there backend so quick that if you use someone else’s classes you have to rely on them staying up to date with Facebooks new breaking changes. Mathew updated his classes to version 2.4 a year ago, and now we have moved to 2.7 already. They are always changing and breaking their API .
That’s my take on Facebook anyway.

Oh, maybe Mathew monitored his classes to provide as updated compatible version of the latest FB api.
Is that right?

Thats interesting - 3rd party APIs I’ve dealt with tend to leave older versions of the API working/available and deprecate them over a period of time to give devs time to upgrade to the latest APIs without anything breaking.

I’ve never worked with Facebook (which is the devil!) - do they not do this?

If I remember right they dumped version 2.4 four months after version 2.5 was launched.

No I’m wrong, here’s their change log. They can keep it open for a year or 2.
change log
Still , I prefer to manage the API myself

Oh - so you have plenty of time to upgrade your code then. I read your post as they just break things.

I don’t mind using 3rd party code so long as I have the code and it’s not encrypted.

Sorry I wasn’t clear. I had just set up for version 2.5 at the beginning of the year, then came back to the project last month to see version 2.7 was already launched adding some tricky changes. I’ve got some great 3rd party tools but non that interface with a specific API .
I’m just learning how quickly everybody is adding feature creep to their products to stay competitive.