Facebook API & Google Maps API & Calculations

I found these controls there and thinking to buy them

Facebook API Classes
Google Maps API & Calculations
ElastiControls 1.8

Is anybody know if they still support Xojo 2018?

No information on 2018 support. The author of these plugins comes and goes and isn’t reliably around for support.

Last post Dec 29, 2017

Been over a year since Matthew Combatti has posted on the forums.

I would recommend RubberViews instead of ElastiControls. https://rubberviews.com

I have no idea the support of the other two but I would expect minimal if they still function.

appreciate your info
interested more about facebook/googlemap calculation controls

Is any GoogleMapApi info and how to use within Xojo for range/distance etc?

Hal just let me know I had a pending conversation here. In the last 6 months, we have dealt with 11 deaths from family to friends, and in the last month…both of my feline companions, sadly also. This weekend we just had another death on Saturday. If you message me I will be glad to provide code and demos as well as help for using the controls. It’s not posted yet, but we have open sourced the ElastiControls for Desktop and Web, and will be open sourcing a number of web & desktop controls and classes (ie Facebook API) as we have began migrating to the “more profitable” blockchainn sector as of last year and migrated away from solely creating developer controls and solutions, as the demand has diminished over the last 2 years. So, many items will be posted freely, with the hopes that the community will continue to use and maintain them for Xojo developers now, and to come. The blockchain suites will also be available for Xojo developers shortly. They currently implement privacy and public protocols (like Ethereum) (with plugin helpers included), as well as the XTetiC Blockchain Suite, entirely coded in Xojo (no plugins whatsoever). Many of our softwares are already in use by companies like Nexo, XYO, and a few others that wish not to be named. Due to all the deaths, we have had to postpone the public releases of the blockchain softwares and Xojo developer blockchain tools, but beta and alpha testers have been plugging away for many many months now at all the softwares, plugins, classes, and code. We will share access to the blockchain site within the next 2 weeks. As part of our initial public release, 2 lucky Xojo developers will have the opportunity to win a 1-yr Platinum Developer Membership with team Enterprise licenses for each product we offer. Giveaways and coding contests will be held frequently throughout the years to come.

Any questions you have, as always, may be directed through , or by contacting me directly at mcombatti@, for fastest response. Thank you for your patience. Anything you need, please inquire by email until we have everything fully in order.

Unfortunately while having great successes this past year mixed with losses, I have been unavailable for helping the community through forums, but am always just a few button clicks away and respond when something is directed to me specifically. And thank you everyone who sent love through email and Facebook while enduring our years’ hardships. Your kind words and thoughts truly were a blessing to our family.