Face Pics

My hairdo doesn’t change much either.

When you could create a gravatar account directly I needed “ye another account” like i needed a hole in the head.
Now you need to create a Wordpress account to create a gravatar account - and I need both of those like I need 2 holes in my head.

The long term plan is to do the avatars in house - gravatar was convenient to get something in place quickly
Once we do I’ll put my pic there

Come on Norman, please put your face pic in here with us others and not in that tiresome thread about 3rd party. I know you are a handsome chap :slight_smile: Let’s see if we can get a few more to reveal themselves…

For your entertainment

Jeez - I just found this thread as I was trying to find out about other people’s feelings about Gravatar but wtf…

I wonder if the ranting Markus Winter drives a car or uses electricity from the national grid? If you live in a cabin and generate your power by weaving your own excrement Markus then fair play to you, but if not you’re a polluter too mister.


I would highly advise AGAINST attempting to read Pet Peeves. People have gotten lost in there.

I’m pretty :slight_smile:

I look like Wayne. :slight_smile:

Pretty unique?

That too :slight_smile:

Talking to Markus yesterday, I realized my Mac now has a camera. And seeing that my Avatar looks far too young and the alternatives far too old, here’s the almost realtime ugly truth:

Ulrich - what on earth possessed you to have a tattoo on your forehead???
And what does “OLOX” mean???

And one that can only be read in the rear view mirror! :wink:

Well, and I should have better read the small print on the evangelist job description.

Are you driving in that picture???

That’s my high-end USB microphone bought for the webinar translations :slight_smile:

It looks like you are driving a bus with big comfortable seats, and a small steering wheel :slight_smile:

Hehe – reminds me of a book title I recently saw. Translation goes a bit like “I want to die sleeping like my father and not screaming like his passengers”


Y’all be jealous of my locks!