f.SaveasJPG not Auto complete

Hello guys,

          I'm debugging and leaving some of my programs with cleaner code, I got an old code that takes a page and saves a JPG on your desktop to control, it works fine until today but I saw the scan code [b]f.SaveasJPG[/b] [i]not have the auto complete[/i] which makes me think that he is old and what better way to do it, and the second question is that I can not save with this same code [b]f.SaveasPNG[/b] one, even though I make a png in filetypes, some friends could give me a HELP in this case ?? 

Any help is welcome, thanks!

[code]Dim f, f3 as FolderItem
Dim g as Graphics
Dim picts as Picture = NewPicture(self.Width, self.Height, 32)
self.DrawInto picts.Graphics, 1, 1

If f <> Nil then

f.SaveAsJPEG(picts)           // < < < < < < < < <  This code not complet

End if[/code]

should be

picts.Save (f,  Picture.SaveAsJPEG)

[quote=135393:@Axel Schneider]should be

picts.Save (f, Picture.SaveAsJPEG) [/quote]

Tanks Axel Schneider, Works Fine !