Extra menu items in 64bit

My New… menu item has turned into a submenu with one empty element
Other random blank menu items have appeared in my menus.
2015 64bit cocoa

Anyone else?

Just remove any extra blank ones. They were always there in the project, but 2015r3 is now showing them.

OTOH, I’m working on a project that had these items last summer when I was working on converting it to 64 bit. I removed the blank ones, and the file has been saved many times since then.

Today I opened the project (as I have every day for months), and found 5 of my menu bars (out of 15) with an extra blank menu in between the File and Edit menus. The blank menus are named “untitled” and have no caption and no items in them.

Removing them was easy, but it’s odd that they appeared out of nowhere…:frowning:

If it makes any difference, the app is back to being 32 bit only, I decided to hold off on finishing 64 bit support until I can debug interactively in 64 bit.

Did you happen to edit your project in an older ide since then?

No, but now that you mention it, I did a bit of editing with it in Arbed. That must be what did it, I can’t think what else.