External text drop into text area

Hi, how do I check if there has been a text drop into a textarea. I want to do some clean up and add-ons when text is dropped into a text area.

i.e. when drag and drop a email from Mail program, I want to add an ", " after the text so that there can be a new drop of email-address.

But I can’t get to know when there has been a text from an external program dragged and dropped into a textarea. So what I’m I missing ?

And I can not use textchanged, because then I can not write into the area.

Also, the examples from XOJO don’t allow external text drop either… so how do I do it ?

You should have that in the DropObject event.

Unless this has been pasted. Which is a different case.

I have this in my dropObject event:

msgBox “Dropped”
me.text = me.text +", "

But msg never shows and the text never get added

Well, then you can detect an addition of text with TextChanged. If the length of the addition is over one, then it means a block of text has been added by drop or paste.

There has been an interesting discussion about detecting such an event in JavaScript at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/472498/detecting-drop-into-textarea-with-javascript

Well, this will rise a problem, if I type a little fast, then it wil allways be over one, but if I type slow and can store the len after each keystroke, it will work.

One funny thing, if a on mouseEnter set a lbl to ta.text.len and do the same on Exit, and do a drop text into this textarea, the len does not change. it only changes on typing ??? WHY