External modules, editing

How do you edit external modules? I have a project with some classes that I want to use in another project. I right clicked the classes in question, made them external but now any changes I make to those classes are not saved to disk. Is this a bug or by design or something else? How does one go about sharing multiple classes between projects?

editing an external item should behave just like any other item
if you’re not seeing that happen then its a bug

@Norman Palardy, I can reproduce this bug every time then. Even in the most simple project. I have created an issue… <https://xojo.com/issue/27959>. It contains instructions on how to reproduce as well as a working tree of the simplest case that does not work for me…

  1. Create a new desktop project
  2. Create a new module
  3. Create a new class under the module
  4. Save the desktop project as a Xojo VCP Project, say to "/Users/johndoe/Projects/TheBug/TheApp/TheApp.xojo_project"n
  5. Right click Module1’s Class1 and click Make External
  6. Choose XML code as the type
  7. Save to, say, “/Users/johndoe/Projects/TheBug/SharedCode/Class1.xojo_xml_code”
  8. Add a new method to Class1
  9. Save the project
  10. Either close and re-open the project to simply cat Class1.xojo_xml_code. The new method has not been saved.