External module with classes?


If I create a module in my project, and put some methods in that module, I can conveniently make that module external and share it between multiple projects. That way I do not need to keep track of multiple versions of the same code.

The same goes for classes; you can make them external and share them between projects.

However, the thing that I have not been able to establish is adding a class to an external module, or making a module external if it contains a class.

Am I doing anything wrong here? Since I’m using modules as namespaces in my projects and these namespaces have both classes and methods, it would be great if I could save them as an external entity as a whole.

Any tips or tricks on this?

this feature is “not implemented” …
you can add classes inside modules, but not inside external modules
I asked for this long ago, it’s still not there …


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That is a pity. It makes the use of modules as namespaces rather useless if you can’t share those namespaces between projects. I will then continue to use external classes in a module and keep track of changes in the module methods manually.

I use external items a lot, it’s a wonderful feature when you make many apps with commun code.
I make external classes and external modules, and I put them in a folder this works.
but I really would like to have the external classes inside the external modules it would simplify a lot the process.
I also asked to have folder scanning for all the items inside in the directory, to automatically add them when you open the project
still no luck.

This is a problem, I have to manually copy files around between projects after editing a module with a TCP class in it to get it to work ?

The work around is to just make your classes external separately from the modules. DonÂ’t put them inside modules. Yes you have to type a little bit more, but it actually works and you can keep you classes synced between multiple projects that way just fine. Put them in a folder and make them external and it all works fine. Just donÂ’t make modules with classes external.

The whole external-items-feature is premature!
It’s working but feels like fighting with workarrounds continually.
One of my wishes is to duplicate all used external files to a new location for a new version without messing up the project tree.
I tried to communicate it with Xojo HQ, but . . .
Being a PRO developer since the beginning doesn’t help very much.

It is, and for more than a decade… It is a pity they didn’t make it better when introducing the new framework.