External libraries missing in xojo

Many times I have asked the ceo of xojo to urgently include the possibility of creating external libraries for operating systems such as (windows, linux, osx) this in order to give the possibility to use xojo also and together with other languages. And not having a closed development environment, closed in the sense that if a young amateur quickly learns xojo and maybe wants to use it for work, he will necessarily find a way to work with others and will not be able to export his work to a convenient library. ‘STANDARD’. But it will have to give its executable file creating several problems if you have a diverse team. I have repeatedly explained to the ceo of xojo that this missing feature is a fundamental pivot, you cannot force xojo developers to stay in xojo, not in a free world.

We are free to live, so I say that before learning xojo you must know that xojo will not allow you to express your potential out there, but will only force you to stay inside xojo.

Several times I have been told by the same CEO that this will be done after the possibility of creating xojo plugins in xojo is given.

In my opinion it is more important to give people the possibility to get out of the xojo context, in the end if you create a normal library that can ALSO be used in xojo, but ALSO in other languages.

I believe this is too big a limitation before purchasing a license of any development environment

This can also be confirmed by Christian the ceo of mbs who based his career thanks to the use of libraries, in fact if there had not been these, he would not have been able to develop the plugins in c to give them to us poor xojo users.


xojo development tools that I have known since the time of realbasic or even much earlier, passionate about the mac world I found it unique.

But little by little that the software development became familiar the needs demanded a more elastic and performing code that with xojo I couldn’t find. forced to buy external plugins the thing started to make me feel lame.

Then when clients arrived in the windows world I had to post on languages like c#, visual basic writing code from compilers like microsoft visual studio. yes another product, another story, but here I finally found my freedom to write absurd, banal, complicated, monstrous things… hundreds of lines of well-structured code, speed of interfacing, libraries (dll) and not only possibility to interface with other languages more I have less complex, but the thing I most appreciated and that did not deprecate functions from one version to another as it still happens often in Xojo, graphic elements always present and improving, listbox, tablebox, treeview and many others since 1999 always worked perfectly in Xojo a war and that I see in this place is repeated after 21 years;

  1. I’ve always wondered why?
  2. What policies push this product to remain lame?
  3. Why other free compilers have such power that Xojo doesn’t?

we are in 2020 xojo by now should be mature enough to be the tip of the diamond, instead it has always remained there while others make great strides.

I have seen many of my colleagues move to visualstudio, c#, delpi, b4x, and many others always for the same reasons and many who feel connected because they designed software with this tool xojo and are struggling to migrate because they are linked to high investments (licenses and plugins) and many years of work and sleepless nights.

The question I ask is the following, why are you dragging the same policies that I think are wrong?

Excuse my shitty English