external item cannot be found

I made a project (game) with some pictures - but I want to use that project again with new pictures.

Having moved the file, I now get “external items cannot be found”

How can I delete these items from the “backdrop” of the canvas - and let the project know I don’t need these items any longer.

Many Thanks!

After closing the notice about the missing images you can set the Backdrop of whatever Canvas that was using the image to “None”

The easiest route would be to write down the IDE-name (not the filename or path) of the images that are missing and search for them in the IDE. You can then remove all the references, and you won’t have any issues when you build.

I’ve set new backgrounds for all the canvases … but after (trying to) compile, I still get “external items can’t be found”. I don’t want those items anymore … how to I say “no - don’t bother - not wanted - no longer relevant - go away” … ?

You mention something about removing references … how exactly do I do that - if that’s what I need.

Sorry - new to Xojo (how could you tell?)

You need to delete the references to the pictures in the IDE.
Look for the items in the Contents of your project in the left sidebar within the IDE.

you do not say what you’ve done with the images.

Did you delete the images from the project folder ? (Error message: “The external item ‘name of the image’ could not be found”)
Did you remove the images from the Xojo IDE navigation pane ? (Error message: “This item does not exists”)

OK, I know now: delete the images from the IDE. You will still get an error message and this will be because (as previous answers says) they are still used in the project. Somewhere, in the WIndow Editor, you have a Canvas and you set one of the OLD images to it.

OK … that worked - thanks!

Located on the left without a picture associated … right click and delete.

Sorry I’m slow :slight_smile:

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