External Folder in XML


Is it normal when I make 2 classes external to my project, I can choose the format between either binary or xml,
but when those classes are in a folder and I try to make the folder itself external the format is always binary?


Yes, this happens even if XML is the preferred project format. I thought I had some sort of bug report about that but I either can’t find it or I’m having a senior moment.

Edit: got it. The bug report was for making items and not folders external. But it’s good that I found that because the bug occurs again.

This way sharing an external framework between several projects almost becomes impossible.

I want to consolidate several versions of my classes into a framework en need to be able to compare and/or merge them.
Is is it possible to manage a external code in a “framework-project” (without any executable in the project) and save as XML that way?

You have to select multiple items and then make those external.

<https://xojo.com/issue/67499>: Default export format for external items is binary but should be xml - again .
<https://xojo.com/issue/67500>: Can’t make folder of items external with format xml .

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