External Class contents missing...

Slightly pissed at the moment, as I spent nearly all day yesterday developing a ‘security’ class for my application… converted the class to ‘external’ and when I went to open it today, it said it was ‘missing’. The file is there, and it’s only 1K in size. Opening it up in a document editor (.xojo_binary_code) revealed only the following:


Looks like I’m SOL. Anybody have any clues as to what may have caused this or has experience with this (bug, etc.)?

Can’t say I’ve seen this myself.

Where’s this class located ? Inside a module ?

Going back through my steps, I think I discovered the problem… and it’s more than likely my fault. I created an application as a ‘holder’ to test the class with, with never intending to ‘save’ the application itself. I assumed if I created a class, using the Navigator, and then ‘make external’ the class… occasionally ‘exporting’ it for the saves, then it would retain the changes. Apparently, ‘exporting’ does not update the external file. I have to actually ‘save’ the entire app for the changes to take place. Am I correct?

Exporting makes a snapshot as it exists at that moment.
Making it external would save it every time you hit save.
Saving the project will save it as part of the project in the respective format (text, binary, or xml)

Thanks for the explanation, Norman. Will keep that in mind for future development, although… I don’t think it’ll happen again (I’ve learned from this one).