External App is starting with remote debug - not my app!

Hey guys,

I’m trying to do a remote debug on Windows to test a new app I’m developing. With my software, I include a copy of the online support client I use. I keep it in the resources folder for the app. When I launch a remote debugging session in Windows, Xojo starts this external support client and NOT my debug app.

I can’t figure out why or where a setting would be that would cause this to happen. I’ve never seen this before.

I can go and then start up my app from the temp folder where my debug app is copied. That’s fine. And it communicates with the debugger. The wrong app just starts up. And the remote support client is NOT a Xojo app.

Anyone have any suggestions?

In 2016r1, <https://xojo.com/issue/41931> was supposed to fix this issue.


It is not fixed. I thought it might be due to the fact I was still running one of the betas for 2016r1. So I installed the released build (hadn’t gotten around to it yet) and just attempted the remote debug session. The other app still started up instead of my app.


Which remote stub are you using ?
You’d have to use the one from 2016r1

I am not using the latest remote stub. I’ll have to try that.

Please since the fix is in the stub not the IDE

OK. I was running a REALLY old version of the stub. I hadn’t thought about updating it. Running the latest version fixed the issue. But it’s strange why the issue is in the stub as it always had been working previously. So something changed in the IDE that caused the stub to behave badly…