Extends External Module

I didn’t find post about my problem.
I have an external module that I use in all my Xojo applications. I draged and droped this module in my application source holding down Alt and Cmd in order to put its alias. So if I modify it in one of my application it is modified in all of them (I know you know that, it’s just to be sure we’re speaking about the same things).
I did it years ago and it works well.
But for sometimes (Xojo 2017 ?), all my Method with Extends work well too, but when I enter them in the code, Xojo IDE doesn’t finish to enter the text.
If I enter “MyFolderItem.TrueC” it write alone “hild” to make “MyFolderItem.TrueChild”.
I have a Method (with Extends MyFitem) Extension_f and it only display “.ExtensionVisible” when I enter “MyFolderItem.Ext” and not “.Extension_f”.

Is it a bug or do I do something wrong ? Thank you.

I have noticed this as well.

In fact, and external module that holds methods which extends any data type the method name is not displayed by autocomplete.

I noticed this in the latest Xojo release and have not checked at which point this started.

MacOS 10.12.6
Xojo 2017R2.1

Looks like this: <https://xojo.com/issue/49048>.

I searched in Feedback too but I didn’t find. I can’t access to Feedback Case #49048, it tell me it is private.

Should be visible now.

When is 2017 R2.2 coming out?


Ok thank you, I will wait then (what else can I do :smiley: ).