Extended absence

Happy New Years everyone!

So, I’ve been away for about 3 years and have not looked at what Xojo has been up to during that time.

Who can give me a quick overview of what I’ve missed?!

Personally I think the product is more stable than it was three years ago (I pretty much only develop for the desktop and the console).

Compilation for Apple Silicon and Windows / Linux ARM is nice too.

Web 2.0 was released, this is very different from Web 1.0 and the migration process is predominately a rewrite.
API 2.0 - lots and lots of things have been renamed.
Apple M1 support has been added; I think (but may be wrong) that Xojo was one of the first dev tools other than Xcode to support M1.
Dark Mode is supported on Mac, Windows and Linux.
A new documentation system.
We are still waiting for Android but it is now in Beta.

And lots and lots of bug fixes,
and lots of new bugs,
and fixing most of those too.

Many DB engines updated.
PDF creation by code.

Have a look at both of these:

Thanks everyone. Yeah, Web 2.0 had just been released when I left, I had been waiting for it to start a new project in it but I didn’t feel it was ready at the time so left to use another tool.

Looking forward to getting back into it here. Always enjoyed using Xojo.