Export (think Save or Save As…) does not save

Is it allowed (by Xojo IDE / StandAlone) to write in the Applications:<My_App_Fodler>:<My_App> ?
(on OS X, and what about other OS ?)

Until recently, I used my own folder to store my REALbasic / Real Studio made applications. Since some times (twice and a half year, since Xojo’s release ?), I started to place my applications in a folder of the Applications Folder (first: 1 folder hold one application, since the last days of December 2015 (after installing El Capitan), I created a My App in the Applications Folder, and I put my applications in a folder, inside that folder (one folder + one application).

I am not happy with that and I will change it, but since some months I store the data of one of my projects (a list manager) beside the application (that is in the Applications’ folder). And, since I installed El Capitan (I think), I started to get troubles at save time. And today I do things that let me think that this can be the origin of my save troubles.

I resumed the troubles with saving I had because I lost some earlier today: I put some headers in the data file from inside of the application and saved two times the data before I quit the List Manager: the first was a standard save, the second was because the application asked me to save (or loose) data and I do just that: that cannot happens in ordinary time. The files does not exists after lunch whet I powered on my computer and so I loose data (once more…).

I followed this Forum members and copied the whole project folder from the external hard disk into the internal hard disk (256TB… SSD, so space is limited) where size is restricted (too many applications open at the same time). I took a 5 O’clock tea and a crazy idea comes to mind: what if… Xojo do not like to save data in the Applications folder ?

I have another question: what if Xojo release memory (and so can release the save code…)when the environment is in low (very low ?) conditions ?

Its not Xojo.
In Windows it is (usually) impossible to save volatile data in the Program Files folder, and its now frowned upon/not allowed in Applications on the Mac.

On both, you should save your data in either Documents (if the user can select the path) or Specialfolder.applicationdata (if it is a file used by your app but not usually visible to the user)
Best practice is to create a folder inside Specialfolder.applicationdata named for your company or app, and save the data there.

If the data should be used by any user of the machine, you might use specialfolder.sharedapplicationdata instead

Thanks again Jeff.

On Mac it is recommended to use the Reverse Domain Naming Scheme for this. Like “com.jeff_tullin.my_appname”. :wink:

Thanks Sasha.