Export profiler data from IDE

Can I export the profiler data from theIDE or access the data directly? I need to compare profiler data between different app versions. Otherwise, I have to build the 2 versions with profiling enabled.

Xojo 2022r3.

If I recall correctly, you can right-click the profile and have some export option.


The file can only be created in the AppSupport folder.

You are right, but it can be done, I just checked: right-click on any item of the profile to save the profile as text.

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Ouch… major interface fail. And I don’t want to export the many entries one by one.

As usual Find Any File saved the day. The file is created in the temp items folder:


And to add an element of surprise after hunting the command in the UI, it will export the full report, not just the clicked item.
Good you also found a solution :slight_smile:

I love surprises and using Find Any File. And I found the problem in my code.