Expandable field in Reports?

Is it possible to have a report field automatically expand vertically to handle varying length text?

In my report, one text field may have from 1 to 5 lines of data and I would like to have that field automatically expand, when necessary, to accommodate the extra lines. If I were to just make the field long enough to handle the 5 lines, the spacing between rows would be too large when there is only one line for that particular record. I have set the field to multi-line but that just allows multiple lines without resizing the field when necessary.

I believe the current feature set is fixed size only. Maybe a subject for a feature request: Vertical Expandable TextField for Reports.

There is already a Feedback Report #9203 about this so I won’t file a separate one even though the report is for the Web version and I want the fix for Desktop. In the meantime, I’ll keep dreaming.

I see. 4 years in the wait line with no review… <https://xojo.com/issue/9203>

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