EXIF picture data with MBS

There is an example project coming with the MBS plugins which reads EXIF data from JPEG files. Is there something similar available for PNG and HEIC files (from iPhones)?

Thank you!

For HEIC, you would need to use the CGImageSourcembs but PNG doesn’t officially support EXIF so that is a different beast altogether.


For example, if you want to read off the EXIF Date, you can do something like

var c As New cgimagesourcembs(f)
var p as Dictionary = c.PropertiesAtIndex(0)

var k as string

var dEXIF as Dictionary = p.lookup(c.kCGImagePropertyEXIFDictionary, nil)

k = dexif.value(c.kCGImagePropertyExifDateTimeDigitized)

Awesome, thank you! This works perfectly.
Also I didn’t know this about PNG, very interesting. Thank you.