ExeWrapper Update 1.2.1 - Refining the experience

Rochester, NY – Tim Parnell is excited to announce the latest version of ExeWrapper! A small incremental update, this version offers some user experience improvements.

ExeWrapper is a tool for batch code signing Windows executables from macOS. Features like secure certificate password storage on the macOS Keychain, notifications, drag & drop file management, and one click signing make packing deliverables easier than ever.

Designed to streamline the code signing process, adding files to sign is a simple drag and drop operation. ExeWrapper will sort out what can and should be signed. Add an entire Xojo build folder and let your Mac do the work.

Code signing from macOS means there’s no need to dual boot into another operating system. Stop fumbling with VMs to find the one with the right configuration. ExeWrapper makes it easy to code sign your Windows Xojo project.

ExeWrapper can be downloaded for free and check out the full change log at

ExeWrapper is fully capable of code signing free of charge. To sign batches of more than five files a license is required. Tim Parnell can be reached at timi@timi.me for questions or comments!