executing javascript on Linux or Arm?

I have the most excellent MBS plugins for the Mac which provide some truly comprehensive Javascript capabilities. I assume that is linked into something in MacOS as they don’t appear to be supported on the other platforms. Is there any good way of executing javascript on linux or linux/arm targets other than creating an HTMLViewer somewhere and pushing them into it? That really doesn’t do much of what I want and I would have to write an awful lot of glue code to make that remotely work… Specifically I need to be able to execute functions inside the javascript and get and set variables inside those modules. Being able to preserve the local variable state between loads and saves would be excellent too so the ability to walk through and see what variables are there and get their values would be very valuable.

Is there any equivalent for linux and arm or am I out of luck? Christian, any chance you can build the Mac javascript classes for linux and arm? :wink:

Well, we would need an easy to use cross platform Javascript library and a couple of people interested.

I know you can install Node.js on the raspberry pi and execute javascript from the command line… is that also a library you could link in? I don’t know how it works under the hood.