Executable launched from Shell cannot find files in same directory

I have this working on Mac OS but for reason Windows 10 is giving me real problems.

I have an interactive shell, mode 2. I’m first using “cd” to get to the proper directory (I found this addition by searching the forums for this problem, and it helped). Then I execute the EXE file.

The EXE file does execute. Then it looks for a file containing input parameters: input.inp which is in the same directory.

Then the EXE fails and reports that the file does not exist.

If I simply click on the EXE in Windows Explorer it runs fine. So it seems that the EXE does not “know” about the input file even though they are in the same directory. I would appreciate some input on where I might be going wrong, or maybe another approach I could take to the launch the EXE, let it access the input file and run.

Thank you!

Also, I considered asking the developer of the EXE file (a fortran file) to hard code the input file path, but since I don’t know what the path will be before hand I don’t think that will work.

All files must have the complete path to be found.

So even the fortran EXE that I call has to use complete paths, is that right?