Exception bring up Google

Have a user complain that when they try to delete a record, in my desktop app, it bring up Google.

Found a bug in the delete function that get an exception. My UnhandledException has a showURL instruction with a “mailto:”

Could this be the reason it jumps into google; as they do have a gmail address"

Looks like the best explanation.

Instead of using Mailto, you should use SMTPSocket. Make sure to encrypt the password to avoid hackers to snatch it.

Or if you have a web host for Xojo apps, you could set up a web service to send the info via http.

Thanks Michel.

Don’t understand. All the SMTPSocket I’ve used have been run on my own computer, with my ISP. Would I put my mail server in the app, which would run anywhere, and it would send the mail/message to me?


If they don’t have a default email client set then yes it would open up the browser, and depending on the browser it may be google searching it instead of telling them there is no client set to handle mailto: urls

Basically, it will run anywhere provided the mail server and password check out. But as I said, you better encrypt all that to prevent it from being hacked.

That said, you do not need to use your own email address. AOL, for instance, lets you open an email account that can be used with SMTP and Pop, which could be devoted for reporting errors.

If you still want to use the mailto method, it is technically OK, but I would suggest to pop a dialog asking permission to do so. Otherwise as that happened, people will freak out.

How do you encrypt?

You can use the crypto class to cypher the name of the SMTP and the password then encodeBase64 to put in constants for instance.