The code created by the macro excel to runin the program generates error in correspondence with the methods followed by the sign: =
What is the exact syntax in xojo?

Dim excel As New ExcelApplication
Dim book As ExcelWorkbook
Dim sheet As ExcelWorksheet
book = Excel.workbooks.Add

'Salva con nome
excel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs _
Filename:=“C:\MioFile.xls”, _
Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", _
ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False

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Hi Stefano,

i did something with the Excel Object last week… hope this helps… for me the Filename of the Save command was enough… if you need the other commands like Password or FileFormat (old xls?)

Greetings Björn

#if TargetWin32 then

Dim FilenameSeminar As String

Dim Excel as new ExcelApplication
Dim Book As ExcelWorkbook
Dim Sheet As ExcelWorksheet

//Set Values of Variables
// here you can place your Filename for the SaveMethod

excel.Visible = false // Excel is invisible during processing
book = excel.Workbooks.Add

Excel.Application.DisplayAlerts=False // should set Alarm messages off if file exists

// Save Workbook mit Dateiname für das Seminar
book.SaveAs(FilenameSeminar) //

// Save Workbook mit Dateiname die Serienbriefautomation
FilenameExport=mydocsfolder + Folder + FilenameExport + Suffix

//Quit Excel


//Unexpected Error Handling
'Exception err as OLEException
'msgbox err.message


They explained that
In the Save As: = xlNormal should be replaced with the value.
Example: excel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs “C: \ xls”, 1 (1 = save in excel format)
This is true always.
You have to replace the parameters “name” with their values

You can think the named parameters in the VBA command as a dictionary (for each name there is a value) if you don’t set a value, it has the default value, you can set them in any order.

In Xojo you don’t have this “dictionary” style, but you have the default values.
So if you want only save with another name you will use:
excel.activeWorkbook.saveAs “file path”

if you want change the format:
excel.activeWorkbook.saveAs “file path”,formatConstant

and so on as a normal Xojo method call