Excel with Xojo 2019 book updated

The book “I WIsh I Knew How To…Program Excel 2019 with Xojo API2” has been updated to version 4.1. This is a free update for those who have purchased previous 4.x version of this book. Here are a list of the updates:

New to Version 4.1 — January 2022

-Fixed grammatical errors
-Added example code that contains parameters and return values
-Added Chapter 17 on Arrays
-Added simple Xojo array with Excel data (Example17-1)
-Added fast array reading with Excel (Example 17-2)
-Added Excel status (Example 2-9)
-Added Tab Delimited File saving (Example 5-16)

This ebook is a pdf formatted document and all examples include Xojo API 2 code.


Do you have a link, where i can buy the new updated book?

Hello Thomas,

Yes, the books can be purchased at my website: Books, or at https://www.xdevlibrary.com/

Hello Eugene

many thanks :smile:

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My apologies Thomas. I should have included the links in the original post.

Warm regards :slight_smile:

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