Excel File parsing and importing

Hello Guys,

trying the impossible here or at least this is what i think so far.

I have an excel that has 25 columns and so far 84000 rows and i will need to parse each row and to get the data inside based on the column name, the challenge is that the file is dynamic so i have no idea what the columns will be , so far i have a list where i have to match the header , once matched then i start to scan the lines and transfer the data .

Issues :

I need to get the Column id, (A1; B1 C1) and so on as i might have 25 now but maybe 30 in one week , so i get the numbers of rows and columns with : Dim rows As String = excel.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Rows.Count Dim columns As String = excel.ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Columns.Count

then i have to find a way to scan the firs row which is the header, to map the data according to the header and then to go on each line.

In order to do that i need to get the Column id, what i could do is to generate like an array with a to z and then to assign numbers to it, and use it that way. then on the row side i just match the column and the row and get the data by looping trough it .

Any other better options ? i have to do this using the included plugin from xojo.

Thanks .

Try to connect to the Excelfile as a database with the ODBC plugin. In the examples from Xojo there is in the database directory an example how to use an Access-database, with Excel it works largely the same.

use this plugin. works great https://www.monkeybreadsoftware.de/xojo/plugin-xls.shtml

Try excelreader plugin