Excel export picture


I’m trying to save pictures from an Excel sheet to the hard disk.
Images are well recognized with the Excel.Activesheet.Shapes(i).Name command for example.
if someone could give me the exact function I would be very grateful to him.

For i = 1 To Excel.Activesheet.Shapes.Count Excel.Activesheet.Shapes(i).???????? SaveAsPicture ????????????? Next



Thank you Emile but I know how to program Excel with Xojo.
I just miss that function, that I’m not sure to find into the book.

Hello Benoit,

I believe example 10-9 (save a picture as a PDF) or example 10-10 (save a picture as a jpg has working code in the book to save a picture to disk.

Does this help?



Hello Eugene,
Excuse me but as the links above are incorrect I have not looked further but now I can not find the book or its table of contents.
Do you have a right access to that book?
Thank you.

I would like to point to MBS Xojo XL Plugin which provides an alternative way to access Excel files.
Old (xls) and newer (xlsx) format, read & write, create/change/delete sheets, rows and cells.
And this includes extracting images as well as placing images on pages.
See XLBookMBS class and related.

Here are some working links:
and to buy it:

LibXL is needed for “MBS Xojo XL Plugin” and it is very expensive
Enterprise license cross platform: $1,399.00
Single developer license for Windows, MAC, iOS, Linux: each platform $199

Most people just need one or two platform licenses.