Excel Events with Xojo Plugin

Has anyone been able to create an event in Excel (Excel Event) by programming the event in Xojo? As a workaround, I can poll the clicks, and it is much easier to use native Excel events.

An example of an Excel event is:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Eugene,

I have a little info on this but also would like to know how to do it in Xojo.

I assume you mean create an event sink in Xojo - that’s my interpretation anyways so that an event in Excel is bubbled up to the Xojo app ?


I mean to create a VBA Excel event by creating it in Xojo. Somehow create the code in Xojo by using Xojo’s Plugin and create a VBA Excel Event that will activate and write code in the event. The example above will show a message box (VBA MsgBox) in the code event Workbook_SheetActivate.

There are many other VBA events in Excel, and this was just an example.

Agreed, I would like to know how to do this in Xojo too. :slight_smile:

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