Excel class from Simon simcarsoftware

i’m trying to use the free excel class in object but when i try to compile a simple project i got some errors all referred to XLSfromSQL.rbo.
The errors are :
XLSfromSQL.Database Declaration
Can’t find a type with this name
Database As TDB
XLSfromSQL.IntDB Declaration
Can’t find a type with this name
XLSfromSQL.Reset, line 1
Type mismatch error. Expected TDB, but got Nil
IntDB = nil

What i did was to create a new project and then included all yours .rbo files. Created a new window and copied the istruction inside skeleton.rbo to be executed when the window open. But i can’t compile the project.

Could someone help me ?


Just delete XLSfromSQL from your project.

I have also uploaded the ‘standard’ classes to my website so this confusion does not occur again.

Download here: Excel Classes

That sounds interesting, any more details about that ? that can be used as a standalone desktop version ? It seems that some files are missing in the Excel Classes file Simon shared .


What appears to be missing?