Excel - Changing Colour/Pattern Of A Cell

I am trying to fill a cell in Excel (2003) on Windows with the colour black. I get the following error;

Exception code 0: Unable to set the ColorIndex property of the Interior class, (failed on “ColorIndex”)

The line I am using is this

I would ideally like to fill the cell with a diagonal pattern but the VBA doesn’t seem to translate very well. Any suggestions appreciated;

VBA code below;
// With Selection.Interior
// .ColorIndex = 0
// .Pattern = xlUp
// .PatternColorIndex = xlAutomatic
// End With
// End Sub

Hi Paul,

You are right, some VBA translates well and some code does not. Here is a working example with some code from my book which may help:

[code] Dim excel as new ExcelApplication
excel.Visible = True

excel.Range(“A1”).Interior.Pattern = Office.xlSolid
excel.Range(“A1”).Interior.ColorIndex = 1

excel = nil

exception err as OLEException
MsgBox err.message[/code]

The pattern for translating the rest of the code can be seen. Here is a link to the bookstore with other helpful articles and books on Xojo.

RB Library

Happy to help :slight_smile:


Thanks Eugene I have all your books but could not quite get it right late last night.

Hi Paul,

Is the above code working on the computer, or would you like a hand with some troubleshooting?

Let me know if this works for you. :slight_smile:

No its working fine, I think it may have been a problem with the worksheet being protected - even though the cells I was changing were editable areas. I have unprotected the sheet and it works fine now.