Excel automation error

Application that worked in 2012r2.1 gives the following in Xojo:

There is no class with this name
Dim excel As New ExcelApplication

This is the first of 13 errors that Xojo gives related to Excel automation. The others occur after the above line and have the form:

This item does not exist
Dim book As ExcelWorkbook

The ExcelApplication example in the language reference starts with the exact same lines. Has something changed in Xojo to cause these errors, or is it a bug?

You will have to move the MSOfficeAutomation.rbx from the extras folder to the plugins folder.

Thanks Bob. That did the trick.

Thanks Bob - your the man - this is what you need to do WORD AUTOMATION as well.

Correct, all Office Automation classes require the plugin to be added to your Plugins folder:


I found I also had to reboot Windows for this change to take effect. Reloading Xojo was not enough.

Hello Damien,

Thanks for your comment about rebooting Windows. A trend which I found is that Xojo tends to corrupt background data in Windows - just enough to make it require a reboot. As an example: I have a few servers running for months without running Xojo. When I need to program on this computer with something specific to Xojo (example modify a report), then about an hour later the computer begins to perform weird. This could be a messagebox goes into a repeating loop (when there are no loops), to the inability to start Xojo Feedback, or needing to shut down Xojo in the Task Manager. A reboot always cleans up the issues. My main Xojo computer needs rebooting often.

Chuckle, I thought I was the only one who noticed this issue :slight_smile: