Example to work from: Complete Module or Complete Class?


Can someone explain to me the differences in the examples for “Complete Module” and “Complete Class”?

I am very much interested in making a XOJO plugin to deal with cryptography, I think it would be a great learning experience, and something great for me to do for self fulfillment.

I am looking at the examples, both Complete Module, and Complete Class.

Which one is suggested that I take on as a reference for my plugin?


Are you writing a module or a class ?
Decide from there

Thanks. I appreciate your time.

A module is USUALLY a group of function that do NOT apply to a specific Class
Crypto strikes me as that kind of thing so I’d make a module

but for blowfish, you have a state with the key and so you should use a class to store that.

I appreciate the input. I will play around…

As Christian stated, I need to use a class to store the key, but at the same time, crypto isn’t something that I foresee being without a class, so I can see how it / it should be done, in a module rather than a class.