Example projects status

It will help if the Example projects could be classified as

  1. Working
  2. Not working
  3. May be updated to work in the future
  4. Will never be upgraded to work

Before release 2020, almost every Example project was working
After release 2020 (1.1, 1.2), almost EVERY Example project doesn’t work any more

I wanted to create a WEB Based Database Project using Web 2.0, but I will need to wait until some basic Examples are working. eg, Database Access to a MySQL Server

I apologize that I don’t have the skills to debug your Examples so will go back to the sidelines and watch if anything improves in the future.



The (over 400) examples projects are all intended to work. 2020r1 added Web 2.0 and it does appear that some (not “almost EVERY”) web examples might not have been properly updated. I believe these have all been corrected for the next release.

If there is a specific example that is giving you trouble, you can contact support or create a Feedback case so that we can look into it for you.

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Thank you Paul
I await the next release with great expectations !