Example project using Xojo’s SQLiteDatabase

Hi all,

by popular request, here is a revision of the simple project I shared months ago to deal with a Xojo SQLiteDatabase. It is based on Xojo documentation and allows you to create, open, add Records, import and export TEXT files.

I provide a simple user manual as pdf.

  1. Feel free to use it and learn from it (I’ve done it for that),
  2. Do not use it for training other people; create your own project and documentation,
  3. Feel free to send me errors, typo, advices, etc. I love removing errors, typos, get advices !

The project archive:
Name: Shared Xojo SQLiteDB - 2013-07-03.zip
Size: 1.07MB
URL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/dnx9f5r69ao5qtl/Shared_Xojo_SQLiteDB_-_2013-07-03.zip

I put an image of the OS X project folder in case you want to know what can be in the archive file is available there:
Name: The SQLite Project Folder-2013-07-03.png
Size: 132.35KB
URL: http://www.mediafire.com/dowload/l9r0av2t9jars/Real_Studio#uacvwqbpr004yug

The image border looks strange in MediaFire, but the folder contents is cool.

PS: I have ideas to improve it a bit, and I am open to yours.

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sorry, there miss a ‘n’ in the word download !

To view it:

To download it (or choose between both):